Hiking at the Palatinate Forest

With the Palatine Forest, which is distinguished by the UNESCO as a biosphere reservation, the largest contiguous forest in Germany is just in front of the "gates" of the city of Kaiserslautern! Here there are not only rare animal and plant species, light flooded mixed forests and romantic hilly landscapes but in all also around 12,000 km of hiking trails! Do you too want to draw from the peace of nature? With hiking, bike hiking, mountain biking or walking, you can get to know the most beautiful parts of the region. Map material for this is of course available at the Kaiserslautern Tourist Information - and here we present the most beautiful tours in the direct vicinity of the city.

Castle Hohenecken

Round hiking trails

Explore the 12 different round hiking trails in the surroundings of Kaiserslautern and discover the beautiful landscape.

Mysterious time signal

Mysterious time signals

In the Northern part of the palatinate forest, in the east of Kaiserslautern, there is an extraordinary number of prehistorically cairns. The more than 300 burial sites are probably the most important find in Germany.


Panorama trail

The trail stretches across approx. 130 km and offers the hiker spectacular views between Bad Bergzabern, Fischbach (Dahn) and Kaiserslautern. The brochure as a PDF-file could be found at the German version. Unfortunately it is not available in English language.

Trail of fountains

The ‘Brunnenwanderweg’ (trail of fountains) guides you on two different routes to altogether nine different fountains and springs.

Deer park

Trail of king Albrecht

In the year of 1303 king Albrecht donated the southern municipal forest to the principle, the council and the whole citizenship of Kaiserslautern as a gratification for their loyal rendered service. In memory of this event the city of Kaiserslautern named a circular trail along the border of the southern municipal forest after the sovereign. This trail is marked, as a sign of the king, with a red crown on white background.

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