Livable, likable and worth discovering: The Kaiserslautern Region

Lots of nature, lots of peace, lots of Gemütlichkeit - that's how you can describe the Kaiserslautern region at first glance. And at second glance? Discover the cultural insider's tips, romantic Old Towns, numerous leisure time possibilities, astounding buildings, cosmopolitan people and many historical attractions! This vacation region offers you numerous possibilities to make you feel good...


The Palatinate

Kaiserslautern is embedded into one of the most exciting holiday regions of Germany. There are reasons why the Palatinate is called "the Toscana of Germany".

Palatinate Forest

Natural park 'Palatinate Forest'

Sometimes you just feel to need to get out. That's particularly easy in Kaiserslautern where Germany's largest interlinked woodlands are right at your doorstep.

Castle Rhineland-Palatinate


It's hard to believe that 200 castles and palaces, six wine regions, charming medieval towns and a landscape of breathtaking natural beauty are just two hours away.

St. Martinsplatz

Romantic Cities

Mainz, Trier, Koblenz, Worms and Speyer - all in south-west Germany - are the five names to remember. Built either on the delightful Rhine or Moselle or close enough for a day out, they have much to recommend them: myth-enshrouded castles and magnificent residences, old quarters with narrow lanes and traditional taverns, outstanding wines and wonderful food.

Sun flowers

Vacation region Kaiserslautern

Right at the heart of the Palatinate is the Kaiserslautern vacation region. As if the good Lord had been particularly generous with this region, it offers a diversity of scenery that will appeal to your senses in any season.



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