Indians / Children’s and Family Concert (for children from 7 years of age)

German Radio Philharmonic Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern
Conductor: Adriel Kim
Presentation: Klaus Brettschneider
Saturday June 2nd 2012, 4 pm, Fruchthalle
Datum:Juni 02, 2012
Uhrzeit:4 pm
Referat Kultur

Price: 5,00 EUR, reduced 3,00 EUR
Advance sale / registration: Tourist-Information, Fruchthallstr. 14,
Tel. (0631) 365-2316
Telephone: 0631 365-1410
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Martin Böttcher (b. 1927)
`Winnetou Overture’

Antonin Dvorák (1841-1904)
Symphony No. 9 e minor op. 95
(‘From the New World’9 -extracts

Kerry Turner (b. 1960)
Tone Poem for Orchestra

Indians, as Karl May created them, set to music by Martin Böttcher for the film. Indians in the musical imagination of the Czech composer Antonin Dvorák. Indians, musicalized by the American Kerry Turner, himself of Indian descent. His tone poem tells of a historical event. French settlers land with their ships on the coast of Mexico. A murderous fight with the Karankawa Indians begins. And pictures painted by schoolchildren illustrate the music.
Bild: Klaus Brettschneider
Bild: Klaus Brettschneider



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